First Cooking Video! How to make Asian coleslaw

Ok, so it wasn’t the hazelnut carrot cake, but this was a good first video.  It’s not polished, but it’s something to work from.  I’ll decide what I like, what I don’t like–and hopefully I’ll get some feedback on what viewers like and don’t like–and I’ll begin to refine my presentation over the next few weeks.  There’s a reason I did this first one well in advance of the first week of the CSA!

If you don’t have access to Osaka sauce, you can use another Asian marinade sauce as a substitute.  Or, you can purchase the Osaka Sauce directly from Mustard Seed, along with several other sauces (and I highly recommend the Asian Oil & Vinegar and the Teriyaki Sauces–both are delish!).  I also noticed they have two new sauces–we will definitely be trying those out with the CSA shares this year!

It’s shaping up to be a beautiful evening after the rain we got today, big fluffy clouds in the sky–I’m going to grab my camera, hit the trails, and see if I can capture a beautiful sunset!

Thanks for reading and watching!


4 thoughts on “First Cooking Video! How to make Asian coleslaw

  1. I had some video (or I thought I did) of her eating some carrot and apple at the end–she makes little hops to catch the food and it’s hilarious–but I accidentally turned the camera off. I’ll catch it next time, though.


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