Parsnip muffins–yes, you can

Parsnips.  In a muffin?  Seriously.  If you are one of those people who cringe when you see parsnips in your CSA share…well, listen up because I’ve got a sweet deal for you.  These muffins totally rock.  They are moist.  They are just sweet enough.  They have a hint of lemon.  And if you don’t really like parsnips, that’s the best part–you can’t taste them!  My version is a hack on a recipe I found in a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog from way back when.  Their version is vegan–and you can certainly re-veganize this recipe by using an egg substitute of your choice.  You will love these.  Check out the recipe and see for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Parsnip muffins–yes, you can

  1. I have an old recipe for parsnips and walnuts in a wonderful cake. I didn’t get the chance to grow parsnips this year but I’m excited for the frosts to come so the local ones at the store are sweeter and I can try this recipe out, thank you for sharing it!


    1. Ahhhhh, an entire cake?! Sounds lovely. I’ve never grown parsnips because we get so many in our shares, but the fact that we got them so early had me thinking “they won’t be as sweet…” Oh well, I’ve still got shredded parsnip in the freezer from last year!


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