Farmgirl Fit

One of my part-time jobs is working at my gym.  I started working the front desk a little more than a year ago then I began teaching barre classes last summer.  Even though the gym doesn’t pay a lot, I do get a free membership (so that’s worth quite a bit!) and, more importantly, I actually really like working there.  I’m not an overly social creature, but I do enjoy getting know to people, especially if they are bettering their health through exercise.  The front desk is a very social job–you greet members as they come in the door and tell them goodbye when they leave.  I especially love talking with new members or people who just come in for a day or week.  I can show them around and offer suggestions on classes to take–I love doing that.  There’s a lot more to the job, but the gist of it is to be friendly and helpful, just like any service job, yes?  One benefit of working at the gym is getting to know so many people from around the community–and many gym members have become friends over the past year.  Today I saw a family I rarely see anymore–I used to see them every Tuesday night when I worked that shift, but since I quit working the late night shifts, I hadn’t seen them for several months.  But they came in the gym tonight right before I got off my shift.  And the mom is going to come to my barre class next week!  So excited!  One final perk of working at the gym: when it’s not real busy, I can knit!  Bonus!

Now that I’m teaching barre, I have really began to focus more on getting fit.  I was already in pretty good shape when I began teaching, but now I’m looking to get serious.  Really serious.  I want to drop my body fat percentage so I can actually see those abdominal muscles that I know are hiding under that little bit of extra pooch around my midline.  Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of discipline in the eating department to get there.  I’m not sure I have it.  I do love my carbs.  So I’ve upped my cardio a little more in the hopes that I can drop some more of the fat and I’m trying to be a little better about watching what I eat.  This means I can’t do what I did last night and make cookies, then eat 27 for breakfast the next morning, after eating 15 after dinner.  Ok, so I’m exaggerating–a little bit.  But I have horked down a lot of cookies since last night…so I gotta be a little better about that.  Oh, and you know what’s most annoying about trying to lose body fat?  You can’t pick where it leaves on the body.  Many women are familiar with this problem.  Our bodies like to store fat on our midsection, thighs, booty, and arms.  After I joined the gym a couple years ago, one of the first places I lost fat was my boobs.  Seriously?!  I’ve never been well-endowed in that department anyway, so to watch my boobs shrink even more just added insult to injury.  Why can’t I just suction the extra fat on my thighs and shunt it to my boobs?  Is that too much to ask?  I think not.

Anyhoo…this month I’m working the desk on Monday afternoons.  In the morning I take a Les Mills class, BodyAttack (my favorite cardio class), then I run home and shower, eat lunch, love on my dog, do a little work, then head back to the gym around 12:30.  I work until 5:00, then I teach barre at 5:30.  I am a huge fan of barre.  It’s a low impact class, so it’s great for people with joint problems.  My classes incorporate cardio, and as one woman mentioned to me tonight, “You don’t have to jump around to get your heart rate up and sweat.”  Absolutely not!  That’s why I love teaching barre.  It builds strength in the core, arms, and legs, it burns fat because we do get into that cardio zone, and it promotes better balance and posture.

Today while at the front desk I spotted a sheet laid out for members entitled “101 Benefits of Regular Exercise.”  I had to have it.  I haven’t given it a thorough look yet, but I thought I’d share some of my favorites on the list.  As I am a huge proponent of the healthy, less stressful lifestyle, some of these really hit home.

Here are some of my favorite benefits of regular exercise, in no particular order:

  1. Helps you effectively manage stress
  2. Helps you lose weight–especially fat (yes, and we know where I lose it from first)
  3. Reduces your risk of getting heart disease
  4. Helps alleviate depression
  5. May protect against the development of Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Improves your glucose tolerance (which means you lessen your risk of developing Type II diabetes, or if you have Type II diabetes, you can possibly reverse it and maybe even get off insulin!)
  7. Increases your productivity at work
  8. Improves posture (a HUGE focus in my barre class)
  9. Improves your balance and coordination (another HUGE focus in my barre class)
  10. Helps to alleviate low-back pain (a chronic problem for many Americans)
  11. Enhances sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction (why did this not make the top 10 on the sheet?!)
  12. Helps you to relax (which is but one reason why I am incorporating more yoga into my life)

There are so many more benefits to regular exercise that I think are just as important, but I didn’t want to bore you to death.  But the point of this little exercise it to remind you that exercise has wide-ranging benefits.  One of the hardest parts of exercise is simply getting started and getting into a routine.  If you are looking to incorporate more exercise into your life, I encourage you to take that first step and get movin’!  You don’t have to join a gym, though having the group classes is a big motivator for me.  Would I work as hard at home as I do at the gym in a group class?  Hell no!  There’s no one at home to keep me motivated or held accountable for getting off my tush and getting my sweat on.

A prime example:  I watch a lot of YouTube videos to get new ideas for barre.  I like to keep it fresh and incorporate new moves on a regular basis so we don’t get bored doing the same ol’ routine.  How often do I actually DO the exercises I’m watching on the YouTube video?  This weekend I did my first one.  I’m not kidding.  I have watched literally hundreds of YouTube videos and I am usually sitting on my tush (maybe even eating a cookie or three) and making mental notes on cool things to try in my next class.  Not going to burn many calories that way, am I?  Eventually I do burn those calories, while I’m trying out these moves in my class, but it’s because I’M IN THE CLASS.  Not in my basement.

So, if you’re a loner and have self-motivation, great.  If you need a friend, find one who wants to add more exercise to their life and the two of you can motivate one another.  If you need a large group of people to hold you accountable, then find a gym that offers some great group fitness classes and join!  It may seem expensive (and it will be if you don’t use it), but if you find improvements in your health, then the long-term benefits may include fewer medical expenses (and some insurance companies offer discounts on gym memberships).  And, most importantly, if you haven’t been active for a long period of time, you should probably consult with your doctor before you run off to the gym.  You know, just to make sure you don’t do anything drastic that could cause more harm than good.

And once you’ve made the commitment to start exercising, you have to also make it a priority.  Which means, dear friends, you have to schedule it into your life and STICK TO THE SCHEDULE.  This is probably the hardest part and the easiest out you have for not exercising.  But isn’t your well-being a priority?  Then treat it as such!  If you can incorporate exercise into your routine and stick with it, you will see results.  And once you begin to see results, you want to see more results!  It becomes easier to convince yourself to go to the gym or go for that walk or workout to that YouTube video once you start to notice all that work is paying off.  So don’t give up!  It may take a few weeks for you to notice a change, but it will happen if you stick with it!