One step closer…

img_1578Yesterday I got my Urban Farmgal labels in the mail that I will use to identify my hats, bags, scarves, neck gaiters…all the things that I create and sell.  I really like the look of them.  I don’t have a logo yet, so I went with a generic daisy, but I like it, I really like it!  This means I am one step closer to being a “real” business, right?  Like this label will make me legitimate?  Something like that.

The first thing I did when I tore open the package was grab a needle and matching green thread and sew a label into my knitted bag that I made years ago.  It was the prototype for all the bags I have made since then that I have given away as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts.  I just wanted to put my little label on something and this seemed like an appropriate christening, if you will.


And yeah, maybe bright green sort of doesn’t really go all that well with a red and black knit bag, but I don’t care.  I love my little labels.  They add a bit of formality and identity to my bag.  Next I put one on my hat that I made this summer, the one that inspired my gift to the CSA member whom I wrote about in my last blog post:


And green DOES go with purple…

I’ve decided to put my labels in places that aren’t all that conspicuous, like inside the bag on the liner, or along the back seam of a hat.  It seems less in-your-face there, and as much as I love my little labels (have I mentioned that?), I don’t want them to be too noticeable or pretentious.  I just want them to be there so if someone asks “Where did you get that hat/bag/neck gaiter?” the tag will do some of the talking.

Curious where you get tags like these?  A Google search led me to The Dutch Label Shop, located in Philadelphia, PA.  And the company isn’t just headquartered in Pennsylvania, they also produce their labels there.  I found a few companies that are based in the U.S. but outsource the actual production oversees.  Finding a company that made these labels in the U.S. was something that was important to me.  In designing the tags, they have a boatload of colors for the background and text, lots of pictures if you want, or you can upload your own picture/logo.  The price was incredibly reasonable, the production time was reasonable, and the quality is fantastic.  I could not be happier with my labels!

Now I just gotta get busy and sew these into the bags I’ve got waiting to sell.  One step at a time brings me one step closer…

The Launch of ‘Urban Farmgal’

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally happening: I’m launching my Urban Farmgal business.  I’ve been thinking and hoping and dreaming about this day for years, and the time is right.  I’ve been busy this fall and winter knitting bags to sell, I’m preparing my garden for next summer’s bounty, and I’m exploring my options for my cottage food license so I can prepare value-added items to sell at the CSA.  These are exciting times and with the dawn of a new year just around the corner, I thought there is no better time than right now to make it official.  Let the adventure begin!